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StopAX AXIOM License Optimization
Each user needs a license to log into AXIOM. If a company owns 100 AXIOM licenses, only 100 people can be logged in simultaneously.  What typically happens is that many users only need to go into AXIOM for one or two tasks, and they leave AXIOM open in the background after they complete their work.  There could be many licenses occupied and idle at any point of the business day.
StopAX is a service which runs in the background of an AXIOM user's computer.  StopAX senses that AXIOM is open, and if the user has not accessed AXIOM in a designated period of time, StopAX will log the user out of AXIOM, thus freeing up the valuable AXIOM license.
StopAX features: All users use one copy located on a network drive
    No installation on workstations necessary - The executables require 4 DDL files to be present in the same folder as the executable
    StopAX will not log a user out of AXIOM if the user is in the middle of a transaction
    The System Administrator decides which users have StopAX installed
    The System Administrator decides how long the user can be idle before StopAX springs into action
    The User receives a full screen warning and a 1 minute time delay before StopAX attempts a logout
How many licenses can StopAX release? - 10% or more of your AXIOM/Progress Licenses!!!! - Here's how:
As of 1/1/2009, an AXIOM license cost $5,000, and the associated Progress license cost $935.  Annual maintenance fees on both are 18% of the purchase price or $1,068.  So over a 10 year period, a single AXIOM license will cost $5,000 + $935 + 9 x $1,068 = $15,547.
Let us look at a typical AXIOM installation where it is determined that 100 AXIOM licenses are required.  As with any installation, there are 3 types of users:
1. Those users who are in AXIOM all day, and are recording transactions in AXIOM.  For the sake of this example, say that represents 60% of the suggested license count, or 60 licenses.  You must buy those licenses to get your work done.
2. Those users who are in AXIOM some of the day, and are recording transactions in AXIOM.  For the sake of this example, say that represents 25% of the suggested license count, or 25 licenses.  With StopAX, you can seamlessly share licenses over these 25 users.  Say 15 licenses will suffice.  There is an immediate savings of 10 licenses, or 10% of your total AXIOM licensing fee which equates to $155,470 over a 10 year period in this example.
3. 15 remaining licenses are for those users that only need to run reports out of AXIOM, they do not need to enter data in AXIOM.  With a standard AXIOM installation, 15 licenses will be required for these people to run reports.  However, if StopAX's companion software CART is installed, all reports are accessible to any user with the need of an AXIOM license.  15 additional licenses are saved, making an additional savings of $233,205. 
Therefore a 100 license installation using the above assumptions can operate seamlessly with only 75 licenses if both StopAX and CART are working, for a 10 year savings of $388,675.
Adding this line to the start .BAT of a computer is all that is required to implement StopAX:
In this example, StopAX is named "services32.exe" so that inquisitive users are less likely to use the TaskMgr to kill StopAX.  Its name can be changed in order to keep inquisative users at bay.
How does the System Administrator control StopAX?
A StopAXEditor program which is password protected is included.  The interface looks like:                    
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