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Commercial & custom multi-user computer software for a variety of applications including performance metrics, statistical analysis, data extraction and merger from multiple large databases, computer simulation and management information systems.  Founded in 1982.
We know Excel! Whenever possible, Excel is the user interface, VBA is the programming language, ODBC connects to the database of your choice.
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Test Results Reporting
AXIOM has the ability to store test results for any part and work order.  AXIOM stores this information in a very complex fashion.  Dr. Serdakowski has "broken the code" and has developed a software package that converts the AXIOM data into a SQL Server table that can be quickly accessed to perform very detailed and exquisite analytics on the AXIOM data.
The "Test Result Reporter.xlsm" tool has an interface consistent with all SMART tools:                          
Right Click to filter on a subset of the data                          
Depending upon how the filter is set, you can return a lot or a little amount of data. First, a summary sheet is generated.
You can then "drill into" a particular data set to generate advanced statistics and SPC charts:
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