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Joint Projects with The BioProcess Institute
Dr. Serdakowski has been working with the BioProcess Institute since its inception in 2007.
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The following is a summary of some of the programs developed over the years.
  High Purity Water Trending High purity water production is critical to the successful production of pharmaceuticals.  Stainless steel pipes build up "rouge" on their interior surfaces with time as the high purity water leeches the trace metals from the stainless steel.  This rouge can reach a critical level and these elements can start to appear in the water stream in elevated levels.  Additionally, water purification treatments can begin to fail and also allow elevated concentrations.  These effects can be quite gradual, and at the part per billion level, difficult to separate out the "signal to noise".  This tool can spot very subtle trends in the trace elements, and help predict when the expensive "derouging" process is required.  This tool also allows the user to compare the performance of different water systems.  The tool currently has over 22,000 data points, providing a large data set to allow for relative performance measurements.
  Clean Room  Air Quality Trending Akin to the High Purity Water Trending program described above, Clean Room Air Quality needs to be closely monitored.  This tool takes mountains of raw data and generates "Decision Ready Information".  
  AutoDNA Biopharmaceutical production requires cell banks that are stable over many years.   One confirms that the cells' DNA is stable through periodic sampling.  Confirming that a cell bank is stable over several years is a bit tricky as standards change.  Also, the DNA of a cell is not characterized by a single point, but by a series of points on multiple lanes of a DNA ladder.  Proper definition of a standard could require 5O+ different data points on multiple lanes.  Analysis of a sample again is over multiple lanes and 50+ data points.  Significant statistics need to be applied to confirm the cell bank is stable, or to identify that the cell bank is changing with time.
  AutoInquiry From GE Proficy's web site: "Proficy Historian is a powerful enterprise-wide data historian that collects, archives, and distributes tremendous volumes of production information at extremely high speeds."  Proficy does this very well, but getting to this data once it has been recorded, can be quite a problem.  AutoInquiry provides a very simple interface to extract this information from GE Proficy and output it directly to Excel, as well a create a graph of the results.  AutoInquiry as a very quick learning curve and users are up and running in minutes.
  AutoTrender The BioProcess Institute performs a number of tests for a number of clients.  One test required multiple SIP (Steam In Place) of gaskets so that their resistance to deformity could be quantified.  Sometimes these tests many take weeks or months with "mountains" of data accumulating in the GE Proficy Historian database.   AutoTrender is AutoInquiry's "Big Brother".  AutoTrender builds on the simple AutoInquiry extraction and performs detailed calculations to solve this very specific problem.  
  Process Systems Cleaning Analysis Periodic cleaning of piping systems is required at any Bioprocess facility.  One has to assure that the cleaning solution reach all surfaces, including "dead legs" resulting from closed valves.  This dead legs can be different orientations, point up, down or sideways.  The BioProcess Institute was commissioned to perform an extensive battery of tests on a variety of pipe diameter and dead leg orientations to determine the velocity of fluid required in order to wet out all surfaces in the dead legs.  Once the thousands of data points were collected, AutoSoft worked with the BioProcess Institute to identify recommendations for minimum flow rates for various geometries.
  AutoAlarms The BioProcess Institute often conducts automated testing 24x7 for weeks or months at a time.  The testing process has a very customized and sophisticated control system to meet the exact nature of the test at hand.  The AutoAlarms utility runs in the background on the process control machine and constantly checks for any process deviation.  If a deviation is identified, AutoAlarms then send emails and text messages to BioProcess Institute personnel that a deviation exists.
  Gasket Intrusion Analysis It is essential that a gasket-clamp combination provide a leak-free connection.  Of equal importance is that the inner diameter of the gasket-clamp combination identically match the inner diameter of the piping system.  Any bulging or recess of the gasket provides a "dead space" in the flow stream where unwanted debris could accumulate and provide a source of contamination or a home for bacteria.  The BioProcess Institute offers a series of reports on the performance of various gasket-clamp combinations.  This software tool takes the large amount of raw data accumulated by BioProcess Institute technicians and allows BioProcess Engineers to visualize results, draw conclusions and provide summary reports to clients.
  Steam In Place Analysis Gaskets and diaphragm valves will eventually fail if left in a process stream.  Changing them before they are worn out is a waste of time and money.  Leaving them in beyond the failure point will be catastrophic. The BioProcess Institute studies this problem and recommends duty cycles for a myriad of gaskets and diaphragms.  In order to make these assessments, a vast amount of testing has to be performed.  This software tool takes the large amount of raw data accumulated by BioProcess Institute technicians and allows BioProcess Engineers to visualize results, draw conclusions and provide summary reports to clients.
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