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Commercial & custom multi-user computer software for a variety of applications including performance metrics, statistical analysis, data extraction and merger from multiple large databases, computer simulation and management information systems.  Founded in 1982.
We know Excel! Whenever possible, Excel is the user interface, VBA is the programming language, ODBC connects to the database of your choice.
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Commonly Asked Questions About SMART
Have you implemented SMART over multiple locations? CART implementations have been done spanning several sites. Piece of Cake!
Have you implemented in a Terminal Server environment and is there any special setup that needs done? Yes, with no special setup.
Tell us about AutoSoft Systems. How many experience, employees, locations, etc. I have been a self-employed engineer for 26 years.  I have hired sub contractors from time to time, but 95% of the time I work on my own.  I have done all of the work on SMART.  (This is one reason why it is important to you that you receive all of the source code.) You will always talk with me directly on questions, problems (what are they?) and customizations.
Tell us about your support services. You call, I jump.  I can refer you to current SMART users if you have any doubts about my response time. 
How long have you worked with Axiom and what versions? I started working with AXIOM in 2004 helping C&M Go Live. I believe it was version 4.6.  
Is SMART compatible with all versions? SMART is running on 5.2.  The upgrade from 4.6 to 5.2 required some editing of SMART tables. The Webinar I saw on 6.0 indicates to me that this upgrade will also only require some editing of tables.  The tables that are edited reflect changes in the fields that AXIOM provides in their export files.
Tell us about the upgrade strategy as it relates to AXIOM. (i.e., When AXIOM releases a new version, does SMART get updated and have a new version as well?)  Again, it is simply editing tables to match the AXIOM export changes.
What shortcomings do you see in Axiom that compelled you to write this software? Their reporting is very weak.  SMART is a very cost effective way to fill this void.
How many people are using SMART? Can we get a reference list and site visit? SMART being used at C&M (CT and Mexico), Times Fiber (CT, VA and Canada), and Aluminum Line (OH).
What are the infrastructure/hardware requirements? (i.e., Does SMART need its own server?) At one site, SMART is spread over 4 “desktop class” Windows XP-Pro computers, only one of these computers was purchased in the last 2 years for less than $1,000.  The other three computers are older machines that have been recycled from other applications.  At another, SMART is spread over 2 servers.  One is an Intel Pentium 3 processor at 498 MHz and 768 MB of RAM.  The other is a Pentium 4 at 2.80 GHz and 504 MB of RAM.
What are the software requirements? (i.e., Any 3rd party tools (software) that will need purchased?) Excel 2000 or better on the servers. Excel 2007 generates the CART reports at C&M. If you still have some 2003 installed, then SMART should be generating 2003 documents.  Excel Reader or Open Office on the Terminal Server or user computers (if a direct link). Some of SMART is written in Visual FoxPro. If and only if you plan to do customizations yourself to the FoxPro code, you will have to purchase a FoxPro license for $650.  Microsoft has discontinued FoxPro upgrades, but support for their current product is promised to continue to at least 2014. 
How many users typically use this at a site? Probably around 50 at each company. If you told me you needed 500 users, I wouldn’t flinch.  Once you see the implementation, you will see that it will be network hardware and infrastructure that limits the number of users, not the software.
What department typically uses the software? There are reports for all departments.  At one site, senior management and sales use it the most.  At another, it is manufacturing and shipping.
Does SMART use an AXIOM license? No.
Does SMART use a Progress license? No.
Is there the potential that SMART could corrupt the AXIOM/Progress Databases? No. SMART requires Read-Only access to the AXIOM/Progress databases using standard ODBC drivers.
What could cause SMART to fail? Progress has an unusual quirk in that fields are defined to be a fixed length (e.g. 20 characters for the cis.mfg-invh.reference field), however Progress allows data to be entered in that field that exceeds 20 characters.  This confuses ODBC and all ODBC calls will fail if that field is queried.  This is true for all ODBC calls from any program (Crystal Reports, Brio, Cognos,…). Progress has a utility that will expand offending fields and restore the ODBC functionality, but this utility must be run when all other users are out of the database.
      What is the typical implementation timeline?  I can get a standard set of reports out in 4 hours.  If I am instructing others how to do it, reports will start flowing in less than a day.                            
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